Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back from Australia

WOW...what a trip.  As I've told pretty much everyone here the trip was excellent and I couln't have done it without Amanda's expert driving skills.  THX, Panda.  I was able to hug Koalas and kiss crocs (its a common thing in Oz or so I'm told). The food was great and the people just as friendly as could be. Maybe next time I'll have to try Sydney or Taz.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I just had my eyes opened today by someone who I thought had a little bit of sense.  I was sitting with some coworkers at lunch and one of the older guys was bitching about how we needed to get out of Afgan & pretty much pull all the American troops home, from everywhere!  I tried to explain the illogical notion of this and was getting nowhere. I agree that we have been screwing up in the middle east since before WWI however, pulling out before we get things halfway on track is only going to do more damage. Look at Vietnam & Korea.  He also went into how the conservatives were ruining the nation because they were blocking the libs from taking more money from the "rich".  I asked him how this Robbin hood mentality didn't equate to theft and his answer was that republic "meant all for one & one for all" -- ummm...thats a socialist state not a republic.  Wow, I thought the media was actually making things out to be worse than it was and using some sort of caricature to discredit either side.  Seems the caricature is correct.  I don't know how I feel about this.

Monday, August 30, 2010


The evening/weekend was a success...the pool party was pretty much dead by the time I got there however, T. & Mary were still there so it was fun.  Stayed out till 4AM and kind of crushed T. with new info on her former BF but, from all accounts the info was needed. Hope it helps her.

I decided that sleep was not required so I stayed up to watch the entire 4th season of Dexter...not bad, he needs to get his head on straight though. Too bad about the ending.  From there I went to the Vets Hall for the teacher PCS party...poor ladies got back from vacation only to discover their jobs were cut and they have to leave island ASAP.  Very uncouth of the company...bastard-ish really.  Regardless of the negative  occasion everyone had fun and the potluck food was fantastic. Went from there to the Snake Pit for more drinks then stumbled home and was in bed by 3AM.  All in All, about 42 hours of fun (including work I guess).  Nothing happening for the next few weeks so I plan on taking it easy, maybe rebuilding my laptop to ship off to me mum so I can buy something newer (got that one in 2003). We'll see.

Friday, August 27, 2010

All things to those who...go and get er dun.

I had a schedule change a few weeks ago and have been killing myself adjusting to it.  Previous my evenings would consist of going to work, going to the bar for an hour of socializing, and then heading home to sleep or read till 6AM.  That didn't go well and I've found that I don't need to go to the bar (except on weekends) and can enjoy the solitude during the week as I don't have to deal with the drama.  All errands have been done and I get enough sleep now.  I am happy.  I'd still like to have two consecutive days off a week but, the split I have now makes the week short and me relaxed.  This is good.

Tonight I plan on hitting the vets hall after work and then swimming by the pool to see if T. and party are still there.  Sunday is the teacher PCS party, at the vets, and though sorrowful it will be good to see them off.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Post

What to talk about...I suppose it'll just be books, politics, and maybe some blog memes that go around.  Its kind of strange this stuff, My Space was suppose to be this big sharing site and then got spammed. Facebook was in the wings to take over, which they seem to be doing, however FB & MyS really aren't the same.  I try to support the Google Overlords so, I'm here. Wish Buzz or Wave had taken the market share. Oh well, can't win them all. LOL, I sound like Eore. I'll see about posting something tomorrow.