Monday, August 30, 2010


The evening/weekend was a success...the pool party was pretty much dead by the time I got there however, T. & Mary were still there so it was fun.  Stayed out till 4AM and kind of crushed T. with new info on her former BF but, from all accounts the info was needed. Hope it helps her.

I decided that sleep was not required so I stayed up to watch the entire 4th season of Dexter...not bad, he needs to get his head on straight though. Too bad about the ending.  From there I went to the Vets Hall for the teacher PCS party...poor ladies got back from vacation only to discover their jobs were cut and they have to leave island ASAP.  Very uncouth of the company...bastard-ish really.  Regardless of the negative  occasion everyone had fun and the potluck food was fantastic. Went from there to the Snake Pit for more drinks then stumbled home and was in bed by 3AM.  All in All, about 42 hours of fun (including work I guess).  Nothing happening for the next few weeks so I plan on taking it easy, maybe rebuilding my laptop to ship off to me mum so I can buy something newer (got that one in 2003). We'll see.

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