Friday, August 27, 2010

All things to those who...go and get er dun.

I had a schedule change a few weeks ago and have been killing myself adjusting to it.  Previous my evenings would consist of going to work, going to the bar for an hour of socializing, and then heading home to sleep or read till 6AM.  That didn't go well and I've found that I don't need to go to the bar (except on weekends) and can enjoy the solitude during the week as I don't have to deal with the drama.  All errands have been done and I get enough sleep now.  I am happy.  I'd still like to have two consecutive days off a week but, the split I have now makes the week short and me relaxed.  This is good.

Tonight I plan on hitting the vets hall after work and then swimming by the pool to see if T. and party are still there.  Sunday is the teacher PCS party, at the vets, and though sorrowful it will be good to see them off.

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